Penguin 8 Multi Fuel Stove

Penguin 8 Multi Fuel Stove
The big boy of the penguin family, cool, classic, contemporary. Penguin 8 Multi Fuel Stove is a 8 kW of warm glowing chilli-hot heat. The generous clear glass window offers a huge view of the fire and it takes logs measuring up to 430mm. It is also available with a plinth.

Penguin 8 Multi Fuel Stove Specifications

Nominal output 8kW
Flue collar diameter 127mm
Efficiency (wood) 81%
Flue size required 150mm
Height 590 mm
Flue size required with smoke control kit fitted Min 127mm
Height with plinth 811 mm
Top exit standard
width 570 mm
Rear exit Optional flue box required
depth 355 mm
Optional boiler (non- pressurised systems) 3 kW
Multi fuel yes
Distances to combustibles (min)
Side 350mm
Rear 350mm
Above 550mm
*smoke control kit included yes
Distances to non- combustibles **(min)
Side 100mm
Rear 50mm
Above 200mm
Colours available yes
Hearth type without Base heat shield/plinth constructional
Max log length 430 mm
Hearth type with base heat shield /plinth 12mm
Tested to EN13240 & BS3841-2