Aarrow i400T Multi Fuel Stove

Aarrow i400T Multi Fuel Stove

Optional Extras

Door Colour Options

Ash Carrier
Safe and clean removal of hot ash and embers from your stove’s ash pan.
Trims are available in three or four sided options, and in a variety of colours to match your home decor.

Aarrow i400T Multi Fuel Stove FlexiFuel System allows for optimum multi-fuel combustion and the internal pre-heated Airwash System creates a barrier between the fire and the glass for uninterrupted crystal clear views.

An important feature of the i Series cassette stoves is a tertiary burn system which emits warm air back into the room in addition to the standard output. With just the one simple air control, the Aarrow i400T cassette stove is the perfect burner for modern life.

The Aarrow FlexiFuel System is a new take on the traditional grate found in standard multi-fuel stoves. The unique bowl shape forces fuel into the centre of the grate, reducing levels of unburnt fuel and the design of the bars benefits wood, coal and solid fuel burning all equally. Reduced gaps in the FlexiGrate prevent the complete loss of hot ash into the pan whilst also allowing sufficient air for efficient combustion. Aarrow have even specially manufactured the bars to be replaced individually.

Aarrow i400T Multi Fuel Stove Specifications

  • Output 6.1kW
  • Log Length 300mm
  • Width 405mm
  • Height 705mm
  • Depth 407mm

Colour Options

The Aarrow i Series is available with a choice of optional coloured doors and trim finishes